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il lavaggio


san pietrini, glass, square tub, water pump

Size: width 170cm * length 170cm * height 220cm


AAIE Center for Contemporary Art

Itaia Roma

The work is composed of steel and glass frames to hang and display paving stones with cultural and daily symbolic significance. The square pool at the bottom cleans the cultural and daily stones. Wash away the time, history, and cultural symbols that objects have experienced, and conduct research on the relationship between substances and their cultural attributes. As well as the proposed ambiguous relationship between citizens and culture. Deconstructing Sanpietrino, an object of cultural and historical significance, To clean, display, hang, propose to display the consumption of the city's historical and cultural accumulation by citizens, and question the tolerance of historical and cultural dust accumulation to cleaning and consumption. The paving stones are loaded horizontally on the ground to suspended vertically, trying to renew and stimulate the daily landscape. At the same time, the act of cleaning is an artistic re-proposition of the daily landscape. In practical applications in daily life, small channels formed by leaving gaps between the bricks allow water to pass through. The artist proposes to study this phenomenon. Hang the paving stone on the surface of the transparent glass, leaving a gap, and wash it with water as a medium. Water, the eternal substance, artistically washes away the time, history, era, and the physical properties of the object itself. The physical properties of the water and paving stones remained the same after washing, as did the dust, as if nothing had changed, while the square pool on the ground continued to accumulate dust and was washed again. What is the "that part" to be cleaned, what is the "pool", is the part that the artist is interested in and tries to provide the viewer to think about.

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