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Arrow / Flower - Brick /Body


Site specific installation

Flowers, bricks, concrete, plaster and metal

Dimensions Variable

Ponzano Romano Roma



Curated by Graziano Menolascina

PRAC Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea

Supported by the Ponzano Romano Municipality

An alternating motion between two terracotta bricks sees a flower covered with ceramic and plaster mixed with cement lying down. The object rising towards the sky creates a strong gravitational effect, creating a real monumental tower. The two sculptures placed inside the two external niches of the Church of Santa Maria ad Nives, they interpret the artist's mythological perception. The two installations they enter into total empathy with the architecture of the place, redesigning thanks also to the extraordinary nocturnal effect given by the wonderful shadows projected inside the niches. Through the title of the work he immediately reveals the cultural and religious elements to which he refers, "San Sebastiano e le "Towers of Babel ", imagining the saint's body as a brick and the flowers that represent beauty and fragility at the same time become arrows. Wang Yuxiang's speech launches a precise message of safeguarding culture and our heritage that should not be forgotten. And the work within the work, it is the new that enriches and protects the old, drawing people's attention, through the mixture of materials.

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