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Nice for You

Site Specific Installation

door made of wood, glass, steel, water

Environmental dimension

Itaia Roma

Ponzanoromano Roma



Curated by Graziano Menolascina

PRAC Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea

Support Comune Ponzanoromano

The work features an old wooden door salvaged from inside an agricultural warehouse in Ponzano Romano, strategically placed on the terrace overlooking the well-known flask shape of the Tiber River. The artist creates a water passage mechanism on the top of the door by symbolically retracing the continuous flow that the Tiber has had for centuries. The water element indicates renewal, energy, absolute regeneration, highlighting the flow of time and life. Inspired by the surprising flask shape assumed by the river, Wang Yuxiang creates that physical and metaphysical atmosphere bringing us back to that idea of absolute absence that very often Giorgio De Chirico rested in his well-known Piazze d’Italia. The door integrates perfectly with the territory without changing its original connotations rather it tells them, updates them by letting the wind, creating a real spontaneous and vertical water play. Interesting is the key ring with the inscription "Nice for you" belonging to the former owners a true anthropological plotting operation.

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