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Pensa di uscire

Site specific installation in Tempio di Santa Maria della Consolazione

symbolic buildings of Renaissance architecture 


wood, steel, stone

(15 stones closed in 15 wooden cages)

Ambiatal dimension

Todi Winter 2022

The work uses rock, steel and wood. The viewer observes a rock imprisoned in a steel and wood cage, which in turn is reflecting on how to escape from it. Then another spectator is added, observing at the same time "out of space" and "inside space". Here is a third perspective: the rock, the spectator, and the new spectator, the three continuing to reflect on the condition of the rock itself. The "cage" limits, contains or protects the characteristics of its contents helping it to avoid potential dangers outside of it. It is a metaphor for the potential dangers of protecting the dilemma and the ambiguous inclusion of the "society of the spectacle". The work is rooted in the integration between architectural space and public space typical of post-Renaissance humanistic thought, reflecting on the relationship between human and material dimensions; as "art is a mental thing". The substance of the rock tries to get out of the "form" of a cage made up of another substance, and the rock realizes both the cage and itself through constant cognition and thought, and transcends it metaphysically.

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