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“Gilded biscuits” Wang yuxiang  (2).jpg
“Gilded biscuits” Wang yuxiang  (4).jpg
“Gilded biscuits” Wang yuxiang  (3).jpg

Gilded Biscuitse


Iron box, letter in ceramic, gold, water

Variable size, size 110cm * 110cm


Sustainable development under globalization, how to maintain the "identities" of different cultures under the dangerous border between globalization and internationalization, in Greek mythology, the enormous stones that Sisyphus moves day after day are the crystallization of contradictions in this era. In the installation "Biscotti Dorati", the artist uses clay to materialize the representation of Sisyphus' letters and linguistic symbols in different contexts. The linguistic symbols of Sisyphus are in the water and the irregular movement of molecules such as gold and steel produces a molecular meaning. The reciprocal dissolution, in the physical phenomenon of diffusion, the substances diffuse each other, but maintain their existence on the "essential" and "cultural" level. In the postmodern context, the artist seeks to maintain the meaning of international independence in the context of globalization. The artist uses clay to visualize the myth of Sisyphus over and over again, repeating meaningless works in different linguistic symbols, and gilding, imparting nonsense of meaning through the cultural, sustainable level, just like the title of the work, the Gilded biscuitse .

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